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When it comes to sport fishing, Montauk tops long island! We have an abundance of species available to us within a reasonable range.

For most, it starts off with bottom fishing for Fluke in may. The fluke (or summer flounder) begin their migration from offshore. We get an oppoortunity at huge masses of Fluke as they make their way around montauk point. We offer 1/2 and full day charters for fluke. We fish for fluke from May until Mid-september. Fluke fishing is great for everyone, including younger children and families.

The next fish to come our way in numbers are the Striped Bass and Bluefish. Both are fun to catch, but the stripers are the real trophies and can exceed 60 lbs. We fish for bass and blues from May through November.

Next, the sharks start rolling into the area. This is when the offshore, or montauk deep sea fishing begins! While different types of sharks come through our waters, our primary targets are mako, blue and thresher. Montauk's shark fishing tournaments begin during this time also. Shark fishing starts in June and ends in early October.

Tuna fishing begins in July. They are the prize of the deep sea, sportfisherman. Usually, we head about 25 - 35 miles from montauk point to find tuna. However, many times a Canyon run is necessary to find the fish. A canyon run would take us approximately 68 miles offshore into the blue water. Our primary tuna catches consist of bluefin, yellowfin, albacore, bigeye, longfin and more!

bluefin tuna45 lb bluefin
25 lb mahi
extimated 35 lb striped bass
nice mix of blues and bass
July bass fishing
50+ lb yellowfin tuna

Don't forget to check out our Rates and Information area for more details on long island sportfishing in Montauk.

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