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Shark fishing from Montauk can be a lot of fun. However, it takes an attentive crew to make sure the experience is a safe one.(shark fishing tips)

Primarily, we fish for the following types of shark: mako, blue shark and thresher. Other species will, occassionally be landed, but these are our primary targets.

A nice sized blue shark we caught in the Marine Basin Tournament (caught by Jimmy Browne - June 2004)

mako shark fishing

Mako Shark

Look below for shark tournament information for Montauk in 2006.
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2006 Montauk Shark Fishing Tournament Schedule

Shark Species
Available for Charter?
Star Island
Shark Tournament
June 16 & 17
Blue, Mako,
Montauk Marine
Basin Shark Tournament
June 24 - 26
(dates not yet confirmed)
Blue, Mako,
(book now)
Star Island
Mako Mania

August 11 & 12

Mako Shark
(book now)

Mako Shark
Latin Name: Isurus oxyrinchus
Size: Commonly 100 - 300 lbs, but can reach over 1,000
Season: June - October (best time is June/July and October)
Recommended Fishing Charter: Full Day offshore or Offshore/Inshore combo
Location: Offshore, between 20 - 45 miles
Physical characteristics: The shortfin mako is a deep blue to blue gray on its back and sides, with a white belly. The larger first dorsal fin starts just behind the base of the pectoral fins, and the second dorsal fin is positioned slightly in front of the anal fin. Its tail fin is crescent shaped with nearly equal lobes. The teeth are long, smooth and slightly curved. This shark is considered the fastest shark in the sea and can perform amazing leaps from the water.

Thresher Shark
Latin Name: Alopias vulpinus
Season: June - September
Recommended Fishing Charter: Full Day offshore or Offshore/Inshore combo
Location: Offshore, between 25 - 45 miles
Physical chartacteristics: Distinguishable by their long, scythelike tails that may constitute almost one-half their total length

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