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montauk tuna on the aisling in 2003


Montauk restaurants worth visiting
(Captain Kevn's top 5)
Capt. Kevin ranking
10 = highest
1 = lowest

The Harvest
A "family-style" place with a great location (on fort pond), and great atmosphere. When I say family style, I mean the portion size. When they tell you it's big portions...believe them!!
11 S Emery St, Montauk, NY
(631) 668-5574

Food - 10.0
Bar - 7
Nightlife - N/A
Fishing Chatter - 5

Price - above average

Best night - Any night you can get a seat!
East by Northeast (aka ENE)
Great food..great nightlife. Enough said!
51 Edgemere St, Montauk, NY
(631) 668-2872
Food - 9.0
Bar - 9
Nightlife - 8
Fishing Chatter - 5

Price - above average

West Cove
West Lake Drive
(NOTE: West Cove is no longer :(. There is a new restaurant opening in its place. If you go there...please let me know how the food and atmosphere is. Thanks!)
Local fisherman's hangout during the day with a great seasonal crowd at night. You'll hear some great fishing stories if you hang around west cove long enough.
Tell Orla, the owner, Capt. Kevin says to get a website!
(631) 668-2785 (open year-round)

Food - 8.0
Bar - 9
Nightlife - 8
Fishing Chatter - 9

Price - average

Best night - tues

Nick's on the Beach
South Emerson (in town)
Ok, Nick's isn't up in the harbor area, but it's worth the extra drive (or taxi) into town. Views of the Ocean are AMAZING upstairs and the food is top notch! Oh, and did I mention the outside bar puts you right smack on a tropical island. Nick and Claire are amazing hosts! Trust me, I had my wedding reception there.
(631) 668-4800 (april - november)
On a sad note, Nick Deane passed away recently 8/08. He will be greatly missed, but his legend will live on.

Food - 9
Bar - 9.5
Nightlife - 9.5
Fishing Chatter - 7

Price - average food, a little high on the drinks

Best night - many
Gosman's TOPSIDE Restaurant
West Lake Drive
Be careful, I said the TOPSIDE restaurant. They have three over there. Well, what can you say about topside, but what a view! The views of the boats entering the harbor are breathtaking, even for a salty dog like myself. It's a little pricey, but well worth it for the atmosphere.
(631) 668-2549 (may - oct)
Food - 8.5
Bar - 9
Nightlife - N/A
closes, relatively early
Fishing Chatter - 6

Price - a little high

Best night - N/A

Sail Inn
Westlake Drive
A real locals hangout, but worth stopping in and saying hello. Many of the Captains and Mates from the charter boats hang around the Sail Inn after they are finished with their day. Montauk locals are a jolly, friendly bunch. Drinks and food are cheap, but don't expect fillet mignon on the menu or even attempt to order any fancy drinks.
631-668-2800 (open year round)

Food - 5
Bar - 9
Nightlife - 7
Fishing Chatter - 9.5

Price - cheap

Best night - Saturday

Lenny's on the Dock
West Lake Drive
Lenny's is a big hanout for the walk-by charter guys. This is the area where all the tourists get their charters. Lenny runs a great place with good food and you can watch the boats unload their catch while you eat.
(631) 668-2500 (may - november)

Food - 8
Bar - 8.5
Nightlife - 8
Fishing Chatter - 8.5

Price - Average

Best night - Saturday

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