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Fluke or Summer Flounder
Latin: Paralichthys dentatus
Average size: 2 - 3 lbs, but can grow over 10 lbs (a doormat fluke!)
Fluke Fishing Tips

Montauk fluke fishing can be an amazing experience for everyone. The fishing style used for fluke is a drift pattern. Fist we find the body of fish we are looking for, then we set drifts over.

13.0 lb. fluke caught on 8/18/04 by Andy Maas of Westbury. Now that's a Doormat! Congrats!!
13 lb fluke montaukdark side 13 lb fluke big fluke montauk


We use medium boat poles and bait, however, we have actually caught many fluke while trolling!

I recommend fluke fishing for people of all ages. You get the whole experience of working a bait off the bottom, feeling the nibbles and fighting the fish to the top. Plus, they are one of the best tasting fishes out there. If you charter us for fluke, ask me about some of my recipes.

The Montauk Friends of Erin hold a great fishing tournament towards the end of the summer. Each boat fishes for 4 types of fish: Fluke, Striped Bass, Seabass and Bluefish. The fish are given different points per pound. It's a great tournament and well worth entering.

A nice montauk fluke caugt on the south side of montauk point.


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