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Boat Fishing
Fishing from a boat is exciting and touches many senses. As a captain, it is essential to always be in control of the situation you are in. This adds an additional element to the picture. Just make sure you know your boat and your crew's capabilities before leaving the dock.

We target a number of species inshore. We are also spoiled in some ways. We can fish for many species and not have to travel very far. That's one of Montauk's big advantages.

Inshore, we can fish for striped bass, bluefish, cod, blackfish, porgies, sea bass, mackerel, bonito, false albecore, fluke, flounder and more. Most of this fishing happens within 30 minutes of leaving the dock.


During the spring, the south shores start to fill up with fluke, a popular fish in Montauk. May is a great month for fluke since the larger fish usually make their way through first. You can fish anywhere from 25 to 80 feet of water.

Next in line are the stripers. You'll see the charter boats working the rips around the point pulling tubes, umbrellas or parachuts. If you are going to charter and really want to feel the fish, parachuting is a great workout. You really know it when the fish hits. Summer and fall bring different types of striper fishing including, chunking or even live lining. Bass season heats up in May, June and July then slows down in August for the big fall rush. Of course, the bluefish are always there for the fun and taking.

Offshore season starts as early as June. This starts with the shark fishing and tournaments. Shark fishing creates some great photo opportunities, and some good food, if you land a mako. Shark fishing can be done within 15 - 25 miles offshore

Tuna season can start in July, but that month can be a difficult one some years. The tuna really start to become available in August and September. We fish for yellowfins, bluefins, bigeye, longfin, albacore and others. While tuna can be available within 25 miles, most yellowfin catches happen further out, sometimes taking you as far as the canyon. That's 70 - 100 miles out. But, if you's an unbelievable experience! Tuna are the toughest fighting fish out there. We were catching bluefins in mid-October in 2003. They were, relatively, close...about 23 miles offshore.

to be continued.....


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