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The Do's and Don'ts of Charter fishing in Montauk
See our checklist to get ready for your trip!


Have Fun!

Charter with a Captain that cares about safety. The ocean is unpredictable at best, make sure your captain is a "safety first" captain.

Know where your personal floatation devices (PFDs) are located. Before we leave the dock, every person on board is made aware of the location of our PFDs.

Book your trip date ahead. If you know when you will be in Montauk, it is important to establish your charter date early. Just assuming you will get a boat could ruin your vacation if you planned on fishing.

Bring your own food and drinks or ask us for catering options in advance. We have delis open early, but if you plan on showing up right before the boat leaves, make sure you have your food.

Take sea sickness pills at least one hour before you get to the boat. If you, or anyone else in your party gets seasick, the medications out there are very effective, but only if taken well before you get on the boat.

Tell the Captain if you want to fish a certain method. We have our most productive methods, but some people wish to fish other ways. That's perfectly fine, just tell us in advance or we will assume you're letting us make the call.

Listen to the Captain. There is a good reason why he (or she) is the captain of the boat. In the end, he's watching out for the safety his passengers.

Have Fun!


Don't wait until the last minute to book your charter. If you have your dates ready, book the boat you are interested in chartering. Waiting until the last minute can be disappointing if you aren't able to find a boat.

Don't act recklessly on the boat. Everyone can have fun without going overboard...literally!

Don't forget you: sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, rain gear (if necessary), etc.

Don't bring bananas! They are bad luck on a fishing boat! It's an old tale, but hell, why risk it? Here's the story, if you are interested.

Don't forget to bring the Captain's phone number on your way out to Montauk. If you happen to get lost or are running late, the best thing to do is call the capt. and let him know. He might even be able to give you better directions.


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